We’re Launching a Kickstarter!

Previously, we told you Issue 4 had gone to print, then gave you a deeper look at Issue 4’s authors and illustrators.

Both times, we mentioned we had some big news to share, and here it is: we’re launching a Kickstarter, with three community-oriented goals to free our content and make it more broadly available.

Big Goals, Open Future

1) We’re publishing a free and open web edition.

We’re dropping our copyright and putting all our articles and lessons online for everyone to read and share. Everything will be available under a Creative Commons license on a brand-new responsive site designed for reading.

2) We’re publishing everywhere.

In addition to our print edition, you can now find us on any ebook device, audiobook form, and the previously mentioned web edition.

3) We’re offering “pay if you want” subscriptions.

You can sign up for a recurring subscription for the web, ebook, audiobook, and/or print editions if you’d like to support our work.

To learn more, watch our Kickstarter video, below, and read through the project description — we hope you’ll be as excited as we are about what’s in store and back our work.

In return, we’re giving our backers early access to everything we’re building now and everything we’ll build in the future — along with a few extra rewards, including a trip to Iceland, where The Manual is printed. We’ll rent an Airbnb, tour the factory, get an up-close view of Issue 5, and talk about the future of our work. Pack your snow boots!

New Identity, Site Design, and URL

We also are unveiling a brand-new look, including:

  • A new logo and identity: Designed by Brent Couchman of Moniker, it’s simple and striking, and it reflects our movement across print into digital media.
  • A new website: It’s elegantly responsive and designed with reading in mind, and it allows you to browse all articles and lessons by topic and issue.
  • A new URL: Our current URL always felt like a mouthful, so we’ve moved to

Thank You

These are big steps, and we continue to take them because we have your support. Thank you for helping to bring us this far — we hope you’ll continue to enjoy The Manual, Everywhere.

If you have any questions, please, get in touch! You can email us at or tweet us @themanual.

Final call on our sale: We’re discounting Issues 1-3 and our custom engraved plywood case until end of day Monday, September 15th. Check our store for details.

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