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Inside Issue 4

Last week, we told you Issue 4 had gone to print and would be available for pre-order in late September, shipping in early October. (Reminder: in celebration, we’ve discounted Issues 1-3 and our engraved plywood case in our store through Friday, September 5.)

Today, we want to give a deeper look at what you can expect from the six articles and six lessons shared by our authors — Jennifer Brook, David Cole, Paul Ford, Diana Kimball, Wilson Miner, and Craig Mod — as well as the illustrators whose art continues to be an essential part of The Manual.

Authors and Illustrators

Like our previous three issues, Issue 4 contains six substantial articles and six personal lessons from some of the best minds writing and working on the web today, along with a beautiful centerpiece illustration by Jen Mussari.

We start with Craig Mod, whose article “On Permission” focuses on finding whitespace to free the mind. In his lesson, he shares his experience moving through memory to being present. Craig’s article is illustrated by Julianna Brion.

Wilson Miner brings us “Perennial Design,” on the impermanence (and yet, future promise) of our work. Similarly, his lesson examines how to approach what we do with perspective and gravity — paired with an illustration by Richard Perez.

Diana Kimball writes “On Mentoring,” a personal tale of solving the mystery of mentorship. In her lesson, she confesses the negative reaction she felt when a friend landed a coveted job, and the surprising freedom she felt in admitting it. Diana’s piece is accompanied by an illustration from Matthew the Horse.

From Jennifer Brook, we have “Platforms as Cultures,” an evaluation of the different services available to us and how to distinguish what’s optimal from what’s available. Her lesson speaks to the value of participating in a community and how it can shape the work of an artist. César Barceló provides the illustration for Jennifer’s article.

David Cole offers a new perspective on data and the opportunity it affords designers in “Made to Measure.” In his lesson, David describes the three criteria to hit when looking for a job. David’s article is illustrated by Tim Gough.

Paul Ford expands the histories of our software in “On File Formats, Very Briefly.” In his lesson, he discusses what happens when the world appears on your doorstep – or device of your choosing – and how to cope. Philipp Dornbierer produced the artwork for Paul’s piece.

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